Wpf datatrigger not updating

Posted by / 05-Sep-2017 08:15

I wouldn’t want to write a completely trivial example that didn’t do anything.With that in mind, let me lay out the ground rules.As this post will show, I’ve finally gotten around to it., in this case, has a few caveats (as one might expect).

The Dispatcher Timer class works by specifying an interval and then subscribing to the Tick event that will occur each time this interval is met.

In Win Forms, there's a control called the Timer, which can perform an action repeatedly within a given interval.

WPF has this possibility as well, but instead of an invisible control, we have the Dispatcher Timer control.

If you click on one of the items, nothing happens, because there's no concept of selected item(s) or anything like that.

Of course the Items Control is not meant to be used with items defined in the markup, like we did in the first example.

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The Dispatcher Timer is not started before you call the Start() method or set the Is Enabled property to true.