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Intimidating cars

If you prefer something a bit more quiet, Flowmaster also has the 40 or 44 series.

Cars have been intimidating people since their inception.

The Mc Laren is a lairy beast – an intimidating car that almost bullies you into being a better driver. It wants to help you be a better driver, the suspension setup is more forgiving and thanks to all-wheel drive, the whole driving experience is much less intimidating.

It is also exceptionally quick; my colleague, za road test editor and track ace Ashley Oldfield, says it’s probably the best road car he’s driven around a track. The Audi looks fantastic, makes an incredible noise and is plenty fast enough, easily making it one of the best drives of the year.

So how can you increase horsepower without switching up your engine?

If you want to buy something that sits below ,000 and stands out, get a Subaru BRZ or a Scion(Toyota) FRS.

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The large-and-in-charge Challenger is a sneaky predator.

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