How is miranda cosgrove dating

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"To just pick it back up without ever acknowledging that there was a 10-year gap might be a little odd -- because we definitely put on some years -- but if they figured out a really cool fun way to bring back the entire cast and do, I don't know a three episode miniseries or something, that would be dope.

I'll go work at the movie theater again."Drake Bell Apologizes for 'Thoughtless, Insensitive Remarks' on Caitlyn Jenner Anyway, Drake Bell would really, really like you to know he's down for a TV reunion.

My best friends are people who came up to me in class. I moved out three weeks ago, twenty minutes from school," she says.

I guess I'm not the kind of person who goes up and introduces herself, so it's been the best thing ever. It's hard when you're trying to do something different but not lose the people who know you. "For sure, being able to go to college was my goal.

What do you do when the entire Internet turns against you because of ignorant remarks about Caitlyn Jenner?

If you're Drake Bell, you try to remind people why they liked you in the first place -- a.k.a., start trying to drum up a and whatnot," Peck recently told MTV.

Her first time back in a regular school, after being tutored on set starting in sixth grade.

And her first time living outside her parents' home."People come up to me and introduce themselves.

So when Dan Schneider was casting for his new Nickelodeon show, she was able to get an audition. Clearly aware of her potential star-power, Nickelodeon had her guest-star in almost every live-action show they were running in 2006.

But that's all secondary to Cosgrove's main goal: getting her homework in on time."This is my first semester.

I'm getting in the groove and getting used to it and trying to figure college out," she says.

You know, if that would make you all happy and not mad at him anymore.

Miranda Cosgrove will have been on TV, in one form or another, for twenty years this fall. At one point the second-highest-paid child star, and she’s been nominated for numerous awards. Her parents own a dry-cleaning business, so when a talent agent approached Cosgrove’s mom in a restaurant, it took the family by surprise.

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Sometimes I forget that I've been on the show, because everyone is just trying to get to class and get their work done," says Cosgrove of her college experience. I wouldn't want to rush and do something that wasn't right. When I first started acting, my parents thought I'd get a few commercials and we'd put it in a college fund."Her one request for her former Nick bosses: the gummi bear chandelier that was featured on the show. And while she could have gone on shooting i Carly until it morphed into Golden Girls redux, she says it was time to say goodbye."I grew up making the show. We knew it would be sad no matter when we stopped doing it," she says.