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To capture subtle 'micro-expressions', researchers asked twenty people to watch a video designed to trigger various emotional responses (set-up illustrated).During tests, the machine was 10% more accurate than humans at understanding what these 'micro-expressions' meant The researchers called this first trial 'a very promising start' and now plan to improve it with advanced deep learning techniques.Free yourself from black boxes, electrodes, and wiring.Cost-effectively assess the emotional impact of service, product and brand messages on an unprecedented scale.Next, tap on the little happy face button just to the right of the exclamation mark and you’ll see a row of unicode text emoticons to choose from just above the keyboard itself, in the same place as the auto-suggestions bar.Facebook's standalone messaging platform, the aptly named Facebook Messenger, has become almost as popular as Facebook itself. appear to have far bigger plans for Messenger than just being Facebook's chatty kid sibling.

One note of warning: For all the resources Facebook has packed into Messenger, it quickly became obvious during the writing of this feature that cross-OS coherence was not one of its guiding principles.Even when features aren't completely missing from particular platforms, they may need to be accessed in radically different ways.Just know that when attempting any Messenger magic yourself.It could be used by law enforcement officers, psychologists, in job interviews or to read the subtle 'tells' produced by people when they play card games such as poker (stock image) Microsoft has unveiled a tool that guesses a person's emotions based on their facial expressions.When tested on Kim Kardashian, it showed that she was around 70% happy when snapped with husband Kanye Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

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What if I told you there was a hidden treasure trove of text-based emoticons that you can access in addition to your favorite emoji?